Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mini Books

I'm broke. Who isn't? I've been waiting a long time to make money from my writing, and haven't really managed it yet. So for the last couple of hours, I've been busy listing a bunch of items on eBay, including four of the miniature books I've produced through my business, Pookatales Press. All of my listings are under the name firehorse2. Today was a discounted listing day, thus my rush this evening to get one of everything listed. It can take a long time, even with all the handy tools they have to jumpstart the process. Great site, though, and such a boon to all the people who really want to work from home in some way. I love it, and spend far too much time shopping there when I should be working. So I'm trying to spend more time selling and less shopping, and see if I can start to get my head above water.

I started making miniature books a few years ago, and I'm a member of the Miniature Book Society, an international organization of people interested in small books. I tend to make more of the micro-mini, dollhouse-sized variety, but lots of people make larger ones and use quite a variety of techniques. Technically, a book is a miniature book as long as it's three inches square or less. Mine are more like one inch tall and 7/8 wide.

Currently, I use a medieval bookbinding technique, but I'd like to move into a hardback variety soon. I'm having a hard time finding thin enough leather, but I know there has to be bookbinding leather somewhere online, so I'll have to do some digging.

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