Friday, March 03, 2006

And Lightning Strikes

Years ago, I went to a psychic fair and paid one to give me a mini-reading. She told me that the book I was working on at the time could be published eventually, but that it would have a limited amount of success. She said that the book I wrote about the fairies would be the one that really took off. Now, the fantasy novels that Bob is currently marketing for me aren't fairy books, and this trilogy is not the one that I was working on when I talked to the psychic, so I have no idea where it falls on the fate ladder. But the fairy book...that's something else again.

At the time of the psychic reading, I thought, "Fairy book? I'm not planning on writing a fairy book." But over this last two months, as I've been working on the third book of my trilogy and thinking about what I will write next, I've had an idea for a possible paranormal novel involving the Sidhe--in common terms, what most people think of as the fae, or fairy folk. Granted, the Sidhe are vastly different than your typical little people with wings, but nevertheless... I've already written a section of this new story, and if it carries on as it has begun, then who knows where it'll end up? It certainly can't hurt, and wouldn't it be something if the psychic's prediction comes true?

I didn't know I was going to write a "book about the fairies." But it seems that I am. Who knew? Oh. Right. Respectful nods to the nameless psychic.

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