Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Summer of the Traveling Moxie

This summer, my crit group thought we'd do something different just to liven things up a bit. We decided to make it the Summer of the Traveling Moxie, and meet at a different Moxie Java every meeting date until fall. We toured around the city, through little tiny Moxies with just a few seats inside to a large bistro with offices upstairs. We went downtown, uptown, across town. We finally ended up at a place called Moxie Java and More, where the decor was cheap, quaint and rustic, but they also served sandwiches and ice cream. There are larger tables and plenty of places around the room to take a group aside and actually have a little privacy. We've decided to swich our meetings to that one on a permanent basis. While we'll always remember the little Moxie where we first began to meet, we're moving on and trading up. Someday we might even break up as members start to move out of town and out of state. But for now, we've found a Moxie that fits all three of us, and we know we'll always remember...
...the Summer of the Traveling Moxie.

(ducking flying objects!)

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