Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Waiting Game

With as many irons as I have in the fire, you'd think a few would have grown hot by now, but I'm still playing the waiting game. There are a couple manuscripts out to test readers, and I'm waiting for feedback on those. The agent article to be posted isn't up yet; the site's owners are swamped, so might not get to it for a while. No word yet on any possible publishing contracts. One seminar and one convention aren't to take place until September and November, respectively. So...I wait. I'm not so much patient as I am resigned.

While waiting, I've performed my first belly dance solo, constructed some much-needed costume pieces, worked with the kids on the ever-present homeschool, read some other people's books, critiqued stuff for friends, and done research for the new Brenna book. And I've nearly completed the first chapter of the new book; some of it hinges on that research, so I'm working on writing even when I'm reading. A little teaser: Some of the books I'm reading now for research are about ley lines, astral projection, the nature of energy, black holes, and paranormal occurrences in Ireland.


Adrian Swift said...

But what a good place to be in while waiting! The fact that you actually have several manuscripts to share and send out is impressive. And any down-time is actually a blessing in itself, since it allows you to refill the creative reservoir, as you are doing, and prepare for the next major effort. Your readings sound very intriguing. I imagine you'll dream up quite a story for your next project, with lots of atmosphere, if you haven't already!

KHurley said...

Thanks! The idea of down time made me smile; things have been so busy here that if this is down time, I'm not sure I'm ready for up time. Of course, if up time has to do with a book contract, bring it on!