Friday, April 24, 2009


In the aftermath of the bronchitis, I have managed to get a little done on the second Brenna book. But I have generated a lot more words on the nonfiction project than on any of the fiction this week. At least with lots of options and no deadline as yet, I can just work on whatever seems to want to be written. It's actually surprising me how quickly the words accumulate on the non-fiction.


Adrian Swift said...

Sorry to hear about the bronchitis. I had that once, also for about two weeks, and it was absolutely terrible. I hope I never have it again.

Good luck with getting back into the flow again. It's good to ease into it, and focus on the things that inspire you, and let the magic happen. Glad you have the luxury of time, which helps.

PS -- Keeping my fingers crossed re your novel that's being considered!

Best wishes,

KHurley said...

Thanks! I'm glad blogger let you comment. Maybe they're getting the bugs worked out, finally.