Monday, November 09, 2009

Seeing It Through

One of the Moxie is almost finished with her novel, and we're very happy for her; it's been a great adventure, as this is her first finished fantasy novel. Two of us are working on novellas that technically have the same deadline, although our personal deadlines are different. It's nice to have people to whom you can be sort of accountable; i.e. they know what your personal deadlines are and will know if you miss them. That's also where the regular writers' meetings come in handy. I don't think I could write in a total vacuum. Something would be missing without even the small bit of accountability that a writers' group provides.

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Anonymous said...

No writer writes well in a vacuum. Some of us are introverts and think we do better on our own. Not so. We are in error. Your writing is just that--writing--until you show it to another and let them read it...then it is a story. A fresh pair of eyes on your story also means a better chance of catching that your character's hair was white and knee length in chapter 4 and green and shoulder length in chapter 5. Plus, with a writer's group, you gather encouragement, and delicate kicks to the butt right when you need them. :D

*hugs* Kathy!