Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Computers, fridges and tires, oh my!

My desktop PC, which, while not technically the oldest computer in the house, is currently the one which has gone the longest without maintenance. I believe it's been with me for longer than the six years we've lived in this house, and by now it's begun to exhibit a few little quirks. The main USB port on the front of the machine doesn't work, so I've had to use a pigtail off the external USB hub for the last couple of years. It's slow, and in the last week it's taken to doing a weird thing; whenever it goes into hibernation mode, it refuses to wake up again when I return and move the mouse or touch the keyboard. The only way to wake it up again is with a hard reboot--not a good sign. So it needs the computer guru Huz to take it apart and see what's going on, plus give it a wipe and reinstall of the OS. So that means I had to save all my important data, and not just the writing backups I normally do.

Thanks to the 8-GIG thumb drive, I've transferred all my important data onto both of the laptops, but since found out that the little red one can't really take the place of my desktop PC, even temporarily. It may have several hours of battery life, but when it runs longer than two hours straight, it gets quite hot underneath. The larger laptop doesn't seem to have this problem, so it has been drafted to be my temporary desktop PC, while the little red one gets to be the grab-and-go mobile computer that it's meant to be.

The tires, however, are not as easily gotten around. Three of them are nearly bald, and the car needs a brake job.

In the midst of this happy chaos, the fridge decided to commit mortality and give up the ghost on Saturday morning. We got it reanimated that same day, but it wasn't cheap.

I say it's time for some major writing success.

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