Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Harpist by Necessity

The bad news is that tires and brakes are expensive, but we already knew that. The good news is that there are two new tires on my car, so now only one out of the four is not new and it still has a decent amount of tread left. So half of the necessary maintenance has now been done on my car. It still needs a rear brake job, though, as soon as possible.

The nonfiction book project has spun off another nonfiction project--a serenity meditation CD. I'll have to do the background music myself; I can't afford to buy permissions or pay royalties to anyone for their music. I'll probably use my harp, Saiorse, as the main instrument, and add in soprano recorder and maybe even bass recorder and synthesizer where needed. After sampling all the possible sounds my synth has to offer, I have the following observation: the sound of a synthesized harp and the sound of a real wire-strung Celtic harp have no resemblance to each other whatsoever. If I can come up with some decent background melodies and we can use my real harp's voice, we might manage to put together a pretty nice meditation CD.

Lest it sound like I've gone all Zen and given up on my fiction, I promise that's not the case. Fiction is happening, too, and I'll keep at it. I'm just having to think more and more outside the box, these days.

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