Thursday, October 07, 2010


Tomorrow I have to say goodbye to my beloved cat, who's been with me for 18 years. His health is failing and we've decided that it's time to let him go before he becomes completely miserable. I'll miss him more than I can say, and I'm writing this post now while I can still hold him, because after tomorrow, I'll probably be a basket case.

He's been there for almost every novel and short story I've written to date, either lying on the floor or a chair nearby, or sometimes on top of my desk next to my computer. I remember how interesting typing could be when he insisted on lying right in front of the monitor, his tail or paws draped down over the keyboard and him batting at my fingers as I tried to type. He's been such a fixture in my life as I grew into myself and became the person I am now, that I'm having trouble imagining life without him. Blessings, Moonshadow, and thank you so much for being my cat. Come haunt me whenever you like; I'll always be here.

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Moonshadow was and is an amazing spirit. I will miss hearing him 'talk' when he would venture down the stairs to see what we were all up to in his house. I know that it will a huge change in the house- especially your office. Remember to look in your chair before you sit in front of your computer- it will still be one of his favorite spots to hang out in. I know that you will continue to look for him when you sit down to work at your computer- he will still be there.
I know that Romey will miss him as well- his little furry buddy is missing, I am sure that he has sensed in the last few months and weeks that his time was coming. What you did for him was I am sure one of the most difficult decisions that you have had to make- saying 'good bye' to a dear sweet furry friend is not easy to do- but what you did for him was very meaningful to him, you helped him exit this life with dignity and grace.
He knows that you all loved him very much and like I said earlier- you will not be alone- you are his family- he will continue to watch over you, as you know that he will not be gone from your lives completely. Life without him physically with you will be difficult for some time- but it will get easier with time. I am sorry that this has turned into such a long comment. Please know that I am here for you all and will continue to have Moonshadow in my thoughts. Blessings to you Moonshadow- I hope your journey across the Rainbow Bridge was all that you had hoped to be, I know that there were many friends waiting for to run through the grass, chase the endless mice, and to find that perfect patch of sun to lay in. You will be missed and carried in the hearts of many who loved you.