Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Calendar Change

This isn't the new year for me--that happened on Oct. 31--but it is the night of the annual changing of the calendars and what most people consider New Year's Eve. So for one of my last acts for the year 2010, I have made another short story submission. I will not be crossing my fingers until I hear back; I need them for typing.

Until dinner is ready, I intend to work on one of my current works-in-progress. And I promised Stef that I'd have her novel critiqued in time for our next Moxie meeting, so I also need to work on that.

It seems that in wrapping up my 2010, the focus is all on keeping promises I made, and continuing to make progress on things that need to move steadily forward. Looking ahead is appropriate for a year-change, but in working on things like the past-life memoir, it occurs to me that in order to move forward, I also have to look back.

Roby James and Vera Nazarian, thank you for making 2010 the year I was finally published.

All of my friends and loved ones--thank you for all your words, your ears, and your open minds and open hearts. 2010 was a year of great change for me--complete, profound, and life-affirming change. You walked through it with me in a state of grace, and I am humbled by your friendship.

If this was what 2010 was like, then in 2011, there should be nothing we cannot accomplish together.

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