Monday, September 20, 2004

Just for Openers

I'm not sure whether by starting this blog I'm jumping onto a bandwagon or jumping off of one, but I decided that I might as well keep a log of my writing progress. That way, potential readers can see what I'm up to during this long waiting period before I have my "overnight success." Or not. At the very least, my critique partners can keep tabs on me if they're either extremely bored or having their very own bout of writers' block.

Since this is going to be a blog about writing, I'd better get things up to speed. Right now I'm in the middle of the middle of the middle book of my yet-to-be-published fantasy trilogy. With me so far? The current book is called "Shadows of Memory." Tonight I'm working over the first section of Chapter 13, and my big silver tabby cat is snoozing on the writing portion of my L-shaped desk, with his head so close I could bump him with my left elbow. He could lie down in the really comfy armchair near the window, but no. He has to be right next to me, and the sounds from the keyboard don't seem to bother him in the slightest. But if I were to warm up the printer, that would be a different story. On goes the printer, down goes Moonshadow. Oh, well.

I'm about to steal just one more hour from what is supposed to be my night's sleep and do any necessary edits to Chapter 13, Section 1. Soon I'll be all through editing the stuff I'd previously written, so it'll be all new sections. I may need to borrow a page from one of the Harry Potter books and conjure up a patronus to chase away the writers' block. Nah, just kidding. I actually have the entirety of this book outlined on colored index cards and posted on my closet doors. So now it's no longer a question of what to write. It's just a question of sitting in the chair and getting on with the work.

Blog, blog, blog, yackety smackety....


c0ke said...

Supposedly! Hi. kthx

KHurley said...

Hi. Wow, that was fast. Didn't expect a comment so soon, but welcome!