Saturday, September 25, 2004

Not So Bad

I've realized that this week wasn't as bad in the writing department as I made it sound. During those nights after 11 p.m. I actually edited my way through several sections of the book, so progress was made even if it wasn't all new words. I tend to count new stuff on my little mental tally sheet and forget that editing is considered progress too. And the new section is going well tonight. I just got my current POV character into a very tight spot. Literally. Ever been in a corridor where the mortar between the stones is partially made with ground-up human bones? Urk. I once saw a documentary where some underground rooms were made with piled-up human bones and skulls. I think it was in England, but everyone please forgive me if I'm mistaken about that. My memory may be faulty here. Anyway, that vague memory of the documentary made me think that my villian might very well have used bones in his mortar.... So now it's not mortal remains, it's mortar remains. No don't hit me!!! It's my blog, so I can write really bad puns at 12:30 a.m. if I want to. And now back to the icky little corridor, where my character is having a serious case of claustrophobia....

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