Thursday, November 04, 2004

Off to see the wizards

I'm about to attend my second Sci/Fi convention. Klingons and Vampires and Elves, oh, my. The classes for writers sound interesting, and I'm also looking forward to some contact with the published authors who will be there. It's interesting to hear them read and see how they interact with their fans. This is like a little mini vacation for me--something I haven't gotten much of lately. I'll be hoping for writing time while I'm there, but just getting out of town for a weekend can give me such a boost--I've always been a bit of a wanderer. I like nothing better than a good road trip--except perhaps a good European vacation. And before you think I'm putting on airs, let me explain that I've only flown out of the country once. That once was to Ireland for one glorious week. If I were told that I could only take one other out-of-country vacation ever again in my life, but it could be to anywhere I chose...I'd go right back to Ireland without even having to think about it. It's in my soul, in my blood, and always, always in my heart. But since I can't go to Ireland this weekend, I'll settle for Oregon, which sometimes reminds me of Eire on a soft day.

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