Saturday, November 13, 2004


It's interesting to read what other writers say on the subject of how many words per day they manage to get. For me it's never perfectly consistent. Two nights ago I wrote nine and a half pages in one sitting and barely remember coming up for air. Thousands of words and all in what writers call "flow". Last night it was not quite three pages, which still amounted to about a thousand words but left me short of the section I wanted to finish. Both nights' work should be considered progress. I just need my progress to be more like the first night, and more often.

I've just been figuring out where I'm at on my current book, and I've already hit 112,000 words, with quite a few more plot points to go. I'm thinking this thing is going to finish at about 160,000 to 170,000 words, which would be fine for epic fantasy if I wasn't a first-time author. But hey, the book is what the book is. I'll try to pare it down where I can and we'll see what happens. The way things look now, I should finish it somewhere in mid-December, though I'd really like to send it off before then. I'd get it done by Thanksgiving, but it would take a miracle.

I have a battle scene to write, so I'm off to have fun storming the castle....

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