Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sick leave? What's that?

I hate viruses that hang on for days and days. Makes me want to go bury my head in the sand and wait until I'm either well again, or too far gone to care. I've been struggling with some kind of mild draggy flu-like virus for the past several days, but there's no one to edit the book for me or take care of the kids if I decide to pack it in and sleep until the bug goes away. I switched my sleep schedule around last night and as a result only got six hours of sleep--which, if I was completely healthy, might be workable. But as it is, I lost all momentum this afternoon just when I'd found my first chance to write. Ugh. If I'm not better by the weekend, I'm going to seek medical help. The irksome thing is that this particular type of virus never gets me down--never. Never say never.

Ok, time to go and fix the scene I crashed out on earlier today. It's sort of a patchwork of things: the first part of the current section with parts of an entirely different and previously discarded section lending structure to the middle, then the slightly altered end of the current section to finish it off. I have to make this work and blend seamlessly so that no one can tell that it's been cobbled together or that I've recycled parts of it from the cut and snip graveyard. If I can make it work and work well, you might just hear the cry "It's alive!" a couple of hours from now. Ah, but without any jolts of electricity, of course. We had a power failure a couple of days ago; I don't need any more of those.

I just heard the news that my new swanky laptop is on its way. I saved up and went for the high definition screen, so I could even watch DVD's on the thing and it would look great. Should be a little easier to write outside, too. I got all the specs I wanted except one. So here's the question of the day: Why the heck can't they make an ergonomic keyboard in a laptop? All they'd have to do is either have it pull up and fold out or simply angle the keys just a little. I'd be happy to deal with a funky laptop shape if it meant that I could type with comfort and without having to bring my big ergo keyboard, which doesn't fit all that well in the laptop case.

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