Saturday, May 28, 2005

Adware Begone

I killed two adware bugs on my computer today. I know that doesn't sound like such a big deal, but you have to understand...I'm not particularly computer savvy, and I did this without the Huz's help. I can't program to save my life, but apparently I can follow directions and save my computer. Well, ok, so these bugs were pretty low risk to the computer, but they were designed to tie up the memory with stupid weather watching, so...maybe what I saved was my sanity. I was getting tired of twiddling my thumbs while the computer loaded all these dang programs at startup. Maybe now it won't take so long. I also figured out how to turn off something else that was loading at startup and didn't need to be, and how to add html code to my blog page to include the link2blogs logo and tower. Simple stuff, I guess, but I'm proud of myself anyway.

Now the family has gone off to a party and left me by myself so I can write. We'll see what else I can accomplish besides killing bugs.

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