Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Scene by Scene

The edits aren't going as quickly as I'd like--possibly because I've already been over this ground so many times. I'm getting through them at the rate of about one scene per day. I finally got back to the Forward Motion website to post goals there, which I hadn't done in weeks, and I've caught up with some of my email. But what I really want to be doing right now is spring cleaning. On the house, not the book. And then I want to finish a painting job I've been needing to finish. Then I want to flesh out the details for the third book in the trilogy. New stuff would be fun right now, especially during the spring season.

Now, the really amusing part of that last statement is that the third book takes place during winter, and I don't have any CD's with the sounds of a snowstorm! That's what the nature sounds collection needs--a blizzard CD! Anyone up for making such a thing? Mellow flute music with a howling blizzard in the background? Anyone?

Have a great May.

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