Friday, November 11, 2005

Back in the Saddle

Ok, I started the third book of my trilogy. Finally. I didn't get too far yet, but what I have looks pretty good.

The family has been contemplating a possible move, and that's been stressful in the extreme. Certain circumstances have developed that might cause it to be necessary, but none of us really wants to do it. I've always known I would not be here in Idaho forever, but I wasn't quite...done with it yet. Or maybe I'm just more resistant to change than any mutable fire sign has a right to be. After a couple of stressful weeks, we are at the stage of possibly not having to move, but things are still up in the air. Urk!

That's about it for today--short and sweet. But I'll post more as this new book begins to develop. In the meantime (and in case I don't get back here as soon as I'd like,) Happy Thanksgiving and all that jazz!

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