Sunday, January 21, 2007

Go, Dresden, Go

I just watched the pilot episode of the new Dresden Files TV show on the Sci-Fi channel. I liked it; I'll watch again next week. I had high hopes going in, and then my estimation of the writers went up further when they didn't automatically make the ravens the bad guys. (If you watched the episode, you'll know what I mean.) We'll see how things go in future episodes.

Today at the Moxie meeting I got most of the manuscript edits back. I still have a few more chapters due in this week, but I have enough to start working on inputting changes for the first several chapters. The corrections I made via my own paper editing over this last week are plentiful--not too extensive in terms of content, but I did notice a few details here and there that didn't agree with each other. The best part of the crit/edit process was when one of the Moxie said she stayed up until 3 a.m. last night reading the manuscript when she could have left the rest until morning. She said she'd gotten to "the good part" and didn't want to put it down. Yay! (Hsst...Val...what was the good part?)

Now that I've had my meeting, eaten dinner and gotten my Sci-Fi TV fix, I'm going to start inputting edits. The night is young.

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