Saturday, January 13, 2007

Miscellaneous Post-Book Ramblings

Beyond the Pale is done. Total word count 93,293 words, give or take whatever edits I may need to do after the Moxie looks at the manuscript tomorrow. I also need to fire off one last question to the garda PR office in Ireland.

This is my sixth finished manuscript, and I've already written the opening lines for the sequel, if it turns out that I need one. While I work up an outline for the new book, I'm going to pick up where I left off on Shifts of Perception, the third book of the epic fantasy trilogy that Bob's been marketing for me. Whatever happens with Pale, I want to finish the trilogy. It may yet find a publisher.

I just went to the Astronet website for the first time in weeks. Get a load of my horoscope for yesterday:

"Pursue your goals with fierce determination. Distractions have no place in your life at this moment; all you can think about is the desired outcome. With that kind of attitude, success is pretty much assured."

Assured? Can I get that in writing?

Now that I'm awake for the day and considering it's a Saturday, I'm going to haul the family out to celebrate. Maybe dinner and a movie.

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