Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Contest

Okay, I think I've waited long enough now for the results to be in, and can safely reveal what's been going on with a certain writing contest I entered in February. I've entered the opening of the Brenna book, From the Ninth Wave, in the Pacific Northwest Writers Association contest. They got something like 28 pages including the synopsis. I hadn't entered a contest in years because I always lost, and I'd never even made it to finalist. It's hard when you're writing fantasy and your novel is up against all the thrillers and mysteries in a general "adult genre novel" category.

Note the past tense on that "I'd never", though. Last year, they broke everything out into actual genres, which helped a lot. Because of that change, I decided to take a chance this year. The big news is this: I am a finalist in the PNWA Fantasy/Sci-Fi genre novel category!

Tomorrow I'm flying up to Seattle to attend the contest and see what happens. I'm one of eight finalists. The top three winners will be announced on Saturday evening.


Willow Goldentree said...

How wonderful!!! Good luck my friend! I look forward to your news. And despite all my trips this summer, I'm almost finished with your book as well. It's hard to put down and leave behind for a week at a time. :)

KHurley said...

I'm just thankful to you for reading it! Yours will be the first Wiccan opinion I'll have on it, so I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it.