Monday, July 28, 2008


I think we've finally hit on a way to accomplish homeschool and my writing at the same time. Up to now, the problem has been that the kids don't accomplish much when I'm not standing over them, and they get distracted on their computers at home with all their fun internet activities, etc. But I've recently found that if we leave the house and go to the library, we get a lot more done. With the laptop, I can actually write while the kids are doing schoolwork, and since they can only have two hours on the library computers, at least the older one is moving faster on her work. The younger one will get there too, I think, as soon as she gets used to the idea of "work" time vs anything time. And the library has lots of little desks about the right height for a laptop, plus plenty of outlets for plugging in--so I should be able to be a little more productive too. I'm working on the new Brenna book while I'm waiting for crits to come in on the last Oantra book.

This weekend I found out that Idaho has a group of...hmm...ghost trackers, for want of a better term. Check them out at their website. In September, they're doing a seminar on ghost hunting, and I've already decided that this comes under the heading of necessary research for the Brenna books. Sounds like it'll be a blast, and there might even be a ghost hunt in the offing. Nothing like field research, huh?


Adrian Swift said...

Congratulations on being a finalist and my admiration to you for attending and meeting everyone -- I would feel very intimidated by all that, myself. Hopefully it's not as difficult as I might think. You seem to have had a good time, and that's a good sign.

What a clever way to get some writing in while keeping your kids on track with their studies!

You're making constant progress with your writing career. The ghost hunt sounds like a lot of fun.

More power to you!


KHurley said...

Thanks! And don't worry, should you decide to attend a conference in future, you'll do just fine. Most of the people there are in the exact same boat, facing the daunting task of networking and meeting strangers. The best way to break the ice is to ask them what they're writing...and then watch their faces light up as they talk about the thing they love most. In return, they'll usually ask you about yours, and the conversation is off and running. Just a word at a time and you're there.


Yes congrats on the finalist list- the top 8 is better than nothing!
The ISS is interesting sounding.....