Friday, June 26, 2009


The last couple of weeks I've been helping the kids get caught up with their correspondence school work, mailing lesson packets, and freezing or canning food to put away for later use. We're as broke as ever, but hopefully things will start looking up soon. I never expected my writing to support us--at least, not for a long time--but I am looking forward to it bringing in at least a small amount of money. We could certainly use it right about now. So here's to thinking good thoughts, hoping a publishing contract will materialize sometime this summer.

I've been so busy lately that the writing has been at a minimum, but hopefully as I start to get caught up on a few miscellaneous household-related things that I needed to finish, I'll get back into the writing on a more regular schedule. At least I've been able to keep the short story in play, with no more than a couple days' wait between submissions.

I'm still no closer to figuring out how to do a proposal for the nonfiction, and I haven't quite passed the 30,000 word mark. Once I get to it, though, I don't think it'll take long to get it past that point, which is probably roughly the halfway mark. Unless spiritual nonfiction word length is shorter than 60,000 words, that is. I need to do my homework on this, so I know what to shoot for.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how you do it. I never find time to write at all with three kids...make that four, I have a husband

KHurley said...

I had to laugh at the husband comment. That's so true! They do seem to need a lot of attention, don't they?