Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Verdict

The short story was rejected again. I got the email Thursday. It's too bad it had to take three months to find out a verdict, but there it is. I submitted to a different magazine tonight, squeaking in just under the deadline before they take a very brief hiatus from accepting submissions. I got the "success" screen, so I hope it counts as submitted within the appropriate reading period. Nothing to do now but wait...again. So far, the story has had only three submissions and rejections, and at least one of those submissions made it past the slush pile before being turned down at the highest level, so we'll see what happens now. There are lots of markets left, even though only a small number of those are pro 'zines.


Adrian Swift said...

Sorry they didnt' accept your story, but I admire your courage and follow-through by submitting it right away somewhere else. I hope I handle rejection as well as you do when I finally submit a novel!

KHurley said...

Thanks! The thing about handling the rejections is that the more of them you get, the more you get used to it, and you grow a thicker skin so you don't take them personally. I've just been working at this so long that I've racked up a lot of rejections over the 15+ years since I started trying to get published. Also, given the state of the economy and the large number of struggling writers out there right now--published and unpublished alike--the real shocker would be getting a yes instead of a no. :)