Saturday, January 28, 2006

Promises, Promises

So much for my keeping my New Year's resolution to blog more often. Now it's been ten days since the last entry, and I didn't even notice until now. Despite my lack of blogging, it's been an interesting month so far.

The eBay business is going pretty well, actually. It won't make me rich or anything, but it's not bad. And the book is going well enough for a book I don't have a particular deadline on. I have the first four chapters pretty well done, and a beginning section for the fifth. Character's plotlines are becoming clearer as I go along, and I'm looking forward to seeing them play out. I really like the opening for this book, and it may be the only one of the three that doesn't need a major rewrite of the first 50 pages before being ready to go. We'll see; I don't want those to be famous last words but as of now, I think the chapters are pretty good. For the time being, we'll go with that.

I also need to decide what I'll be writing next, after this third book. I've heard that YA is really the way to go, but I'm just not sure whether my writing can fill those shoes. Instead, though, I'm toying with the idea for an urban fantasy romance. I'm aware of the problem of writing to whatever market happens to be hot at the time and then falling on your face in the process, but I'm thinking that as long as it's a book that I'd write whether it happened to be a hot topic or not, then I probably should go for it. It actually ties into a screenplay project I attempted several years ago. I'll have to leave it to stew for a while and then see what happens.

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