Friday, January 20, 2006

The Shifts Playlist

As I go along, I make soundtracks for each section of a novel-in-progress. Each section has a basic theme, and I pick a song that seems to fit with that theme and then I write it down and build it into a playlist in Windows Media Player. So here's the playlist for the first three chapters of Shifts of Perception. Later when I have more time, I'll post my playlist for Shadows of Memory. I never made one for Aspects of Illusion, but eventually I will.

Shifts of Perception, Chapters 1-3:

Phaedra (Tangerine Dream)
He Moved Through the Fair (Sinead O'Connor)
My World (3 Doors Down)
A Heart in Winter (Laura Powers)
Final Showdown (L.A. Allstar Orchestra)
I Don't Know You Anymore (Savage Garden)
All In a Day (The Corrs)
Ambush (L.A. Allstar Orchestra)
Many Roads (Clannad)

So, for other writers out there, when you write, do you use music to set the mood, inspire the Muse, document your progress or otherwise add to your creative experience? And if so, what types of music do you like to work with?

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