Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Plastic Steampunk?

A brainstorm that came on suddenly one day seems likely to result in a new novel, a YA fantasy steampunk.  Steampunk isn't exactly my usual thing, but I certainly can't knock it because of that.  The last time I went outside my usual venue, the story I wrote got published, so maybe this is exactly the direction I need to go.

As a sort of fun activity related to the concepts behind steampunk, my older daughter and I decided to look into the notion of crafting a few steampunk objects d'art, in the form of jewelry, and possibly miniatures.  We knew we'd need a few things like gears and cogs, etc.

Now, you'd think one of the most obvious places to find gears and cogs would be to look inside an old-fashioned windup clock, wouldn't you?  We had one that no longer worked because something had broken inside it, so we thought, "Great; we'll take that apart and there will be all sorts of cogs and gears inside it that we can mine for parts."

No, not exactly.  We got it apart, sure.  But once it was apart, one particular thing which really bugs me about the modern world became immediately obvious: most of the innards of this clock were plastic.  Nasty, white plastic.  Obnoxious, cheap, and no doubt the primary reason the clock had broken in the first place.  Clearly, if we want metal cogs and gears, we'll have to look elsewhere.

Cheap white plastic cogs and gears.  In an actual wind-up clock.  Meh.

Friday, October 07, 2011

On the Road

Pookatales Press recently participated in a miniature show in Portland, Oregon, over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd.  It was a long drive, but we made contacts and handed out many business cards, and got to meet clients face-to-face.

Perhaps one of the biggest new developments for the business was the release of our newest mini book, the "Book of Shadows," also known as the Book of Magic or Mini Grimoire.  Content, much of which takes the form of tables of magickal correspondences and the like, was written by me over my years of study.  Illustrations are primarily public domain images from Dover, although my own distinctive Wheel of the Year drawing is also included.  This is the first new release from Pookatales Press in ten years, and celebrates our ten-year anniversary.

We're about to unveil a brand-spanking-new shopping cart, which will include all our original mini books, mini maps, and mini readable greeting cards, as well as other new mini collectible designs to be added as soon as they're ready for release.

Also on the docket is the upcoming release of "The Truth One Sees" in e-story format, which will soon be available from Pookatales Press as well as other e-retailers.