Friday, June 15, 2012

Checking In

It's amazing how much time goes by almost without notice!

I'm trying to work on nonfiction and fiction both at once, so while my posts here are sporadic, I journal daily.  I'm partway through writing a short story and have some on submission.  And I'm working on the cover art for the e-story I plan to release soon.

I'm thinking that an anthology of Sidhe fiction would be a very good future e-book release.  I have a novella and several short stories, and that would be enough to fill the word count, so that is something I will be seriously considering over the next few months.

I have ideas and basic plots figured out for a fantasy romance novel as well as a YA steampunk, but they may be some time in coming because there are also a short story and urban fantasy novella that I think should be finished first.  So onward....