Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Farewell, Anne

Anne McCaffrey crossed the veil yesterday (Monday).  I am saddened by her passing.  It's always sad to me when the truly great writers pass on, leaving some very large shoes to be filled, if that's even possible.

"Annie Mac" as she was affectionately called by friends, and I actually communicated via email once or twice, and she was very gracious to me.  Also, years ago when I was 24 and in need of direction, she communicated some wisdom to me through a friend we both knew, saying that it really didn't matter what she or anyone else might think of my writing.  If it was bad, she said, no one could help it but me, and if it was good, it would stand on its own strength and not someone else's.  I have never forgotten her words to me, nor her gracious reply when I reminded her of the advice she'd given to me and thanked her for it, years later.  She was the very first published writer to be kind to me, and I took her advice very much to heart.

Thank you, Dragonlady Anne, for your words and your kindness to a young woman who did not yet understand who and what she was.  You and your fabulous stories fired my imagination and drive to write and write well, and though the arena has changed, your advice is still valid.  You will be missed.