Monday, November 05, 2012

Late For an Update

One of my critique partners reminded me that I hadn't posted here in a long while.  I didn't mean to leave such a long gap between posts, but to be honest, life has been hectic in the extreme.

By way of update, I've completed a new short story recently and have been sending it out to online magazines.  This is a process that can take a considerable amount of time, with upwards of three months or so at each venue, unless they happen to be fast responders.  I'm quite happy with the way the new story has turned out, and as with each story, I hope it will find the perfect venue for its debut.

I'm still working on an urban fantasy novella, as well as continuing to work on cover art for the e-story release of "The Truth One Sees."  Maybe, if the Universe is kind and I can manage it, I may be able to release it by Christmas.  But I cannot promise this absolutely, because as I said, life has been hectic.

I have several online businesses of my own, including Pookatales Press, RavenSidhe on Etsy, and a CafePress store, Wild Raven.  In addition to that, I sell some of the RavenSidhe products on consignment at a local store, and Pookatales Press products on eBay.  Between those and helping with my family's business, it can be a challenge to keep up with the writing.

With the economic crash of 2008 and the recent trend toward e-publishing, the traditional publishing industry has seen quite a few changes, many of them negative.  Not as many books are being acquired in general, and publishers are less willing to take a chance on new or unknown authors.  More and more authors, both well-established and unknowns, are turning to e-publishing and self-publishing as a way to get their works out there.  From what many people are telling me, self-publishing is becoming much more widespread and accepted in the writing/publishing community.

I've been working on both fiction and nonfiction of late, and particularly with the nonfiction, I've had to begin considering self-publishing as an option, so lately I've been doing a lot of research into that.  However, as this is my fiction writing blog, I won't be going into much detail about the nonfiction here.

In any case, that's the update in a nutshell, and I'll be sure to post when I have release details for the e-story.  I hope this finds everyone well, and I with you all luck with whatever you're working on.