Sunday, April 03, 2005

The girl's got Moxie

The synopses are done! I've re-vamped all three of them to the point where I think it may be actually safe to send them out on Monday. Now all I have to do before I get my break is to go in and write an alternate scene for Shadows that does a better job of explaining the conflict between two of the secondary characters. It was the only issue the crit group as a whole had with the plot, so I'll give it another look and see what, if anything, can be done. I also rewrote the first two chapters of Aspects a while back, so now that they've sat on the shelf a while, I need to go back and read them again and see whether they're all that much better than the originals. If so, I'll need to run them by Bob and see whether he wants me to send a new version of Aspects with the revised chapters. One of my crit group members also found a repeated paragraph in Shadows Chapter 10, so I'll need to resubmit that. Whew. It never ends. But my crit partners, also known as the other three members of the Moxie Quartet or Moxie 4, need to stand up and take a bow. Without them, there would be...errors. Try as I might, I can't catch everything. You're lifesavers, ladies. You've got my back, I've got yours. Nobody writes in a vacuum, unless you're the world's first author to book a vacation on MIR.

Now, if we could just write each others' synopses, we'd really have it made, yes?

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