Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hooked On My Book

This probably sounds really arrogant. It's not meant to be. It's just...I was rereading the first ten chapters of the third book of the Oantran Triad, and I was hooked--on my own book. That actually doesn't happen too often, and I think it's because usually I've read the thing too recently and have gotten to a state where I can't see or "hear" my own words very well. Too familiar, especially after however many rewrites. But with Shifts of Perception, I hadn't read it for months. I'd spent all that time working on the urban fantasy, and now that I've finally reread Shifts after all this time, I find I'm pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it reads. I don't know if that means I'm getting better or blinder. Heh.

I also don't know how much longer I'll be getting to work on it. I should hear the verdict on my rewrite of From the Ninth Wave pretty soon. I did get a fortune cookie slip that said "Your efforts will be favorably acknowledged." Hmm. We'll see. I can't sit with my fingers crossed in the meantime, though--too hard to type.


Adrian Swift said...

While any author's opinion of his/her own work has to be biased at least to some extent, I think it is important for us to remember that we also develop over the course of time the ability to tell what is good and what is not. This sense is what drives us to write the best we can when we write, and to edit and make things the best we can when we rework a story. The flipside of seeing what's wrong is seeing what's right. In other words, there is also a place for us to trust our inner voice, not only when it says "this is terrible", but also when it says "this works".

Be proud that you wrote something that was engrossing. You know the piece has strength. At some point you'll also look at it again and see whatever flaws remain, but don't let that take away any of the sense of what does work. We're always looking to improve, but sometimes it's fair to pat ourselves on the back and say "job well done".

Just my humble two cents.

Best wishes with your projects!

KHurley said...

Thanks! I hope things are going well for yours also.