Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Characters, and New

It's now been since fall/winter of 2008 that I rewrote the Brenna book, "The Ninth Wave," the last time. In its current form, it's been being marketed for a year now. When I left off to work on shorter fiction last year, I had about a third of the second Brenna book, "Brigid's Forge," written, but in working on all my new projects, including the nonfiction, I left BF alone for a while. This morning I wrote a new scene for it for the first time in quite a while. Once I got going, it wasn't too hard; I still have the sense of Brenna's voice. It's good to be writing her again, as though she were an old friend with whom I'm reconnecting.

I also have this new novella taking form in my head; time to make an outline (yes, outline--gasp!) and see just where this character arc wants to go. I'm thinking the novella could be the opener to a novel series, again Urban Fantasy, but in 1st person POV this time. As with most of what I write, it involves Sidhe characters, but this time the narrator is...well...I can't tell you. Secrecy and hiding until the right moment--that's the ticket. But if I do it right, it ought to be reasonably different from what's out there--to a point. Different and familiar, old and new at the same time; can I write an intriguing enough paradox? We'll see. If I can't, it's no big deal, because at novella length, I'm not risking as much time on this. If I can, then the novella will lead into a new novel project for me with these new characters, and again, we'll see.

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