Friday, September 24, 2010

Go, Moxie!

Thank you to Bruce and Laura of Rediscovered Books in Boise for a wonderful first book signing/book release party. (For those who weren't able to be there--it went very well, and I believe that most of the extra books ordered for the signing for both Val and me went out the door tonight.) I don't know how often an anthology author gets to do a book signing, especially for a print-on-demand book, so tonight meant a lot to me. Thank you for understanding how long I've waited for that moment.

Thanks also to Val, for being the awesome person you are and sharing your spotlight, and for mentioning the Moxie in your book dedication. And thanks as well to Stef, for all your helpful comments and support. Go Moxie, critique group extraordinaire.

Val, you surprised me when you talked about how much you liked my unpublished urban fantasy dragon story; I hadn't realized. Maybe I will have to submit it again, now.

I also wanted to say a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who showed up for this event, especially friends whom I hadn't seen in years. Your willingness to be there for Val and me speaks volumes about what friendship really means.

It was a great evening, and that's putting it too mildly.

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