Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Product Review - Journey to Wild Divine

I can't be the only writer who has stress--far from it.  Everybody has a different way of dealing with it.  But one of my favorite ways is the Journey to Wild Divine biofeedback program. Here's a handy link: Wild Divine 4 program bundle: Healing Rhythms, Passage, Wisdom Quest, Grapher Expansion

It is, quite simply, gorgeous.  The graphics are a beautifully visualized magical Asian-influenced faeryland, but there is so much more to it than just great visual effect.  The biofeedback device with its finger sensors provides you with feedback, in real time, of how you're doing with either raising or lowering your energy.  It incorporates teaching about how to control your breathing and heart rate and achieve a relaxed but alert mental state, while your actions in this regard affect and make things happen in the program.  They call these "energy events," and they range from making balls juggle to stacking stones, opening closed doors or making it rain, among many other visually stunning examples.  And unlike so many of the computer games that are out there right now just purely for the entertainment value--those with a storyline which, once you play through it, you really have little or no interest in ever going back and playing again--this is one I return to again and again.  I have never found another product quite like this one, so appealing to me as a lover of fantasy literature, and of a profoundly spiritual bent, both.

There are a few places where characters in the program go into a bit of a spiritual teaching mode, especially in Journey to Wild Divine, Wisdom Quest, which is the sequel program to Journey to Wild Divine, the Passage.  But even though the information presented has a very New Age slant, it touches on some truths that seem universal.  However, even if one has no desire to listen to the spiritual information and prefers to skip those parts, the product is still more than worthwhile in my opinion.  I would never have guessed when I first bought this program several years ago just how much it would help me deal with stress and thereby change my life for the better.

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Tara Maya said...

My dh bought one for me a few years ago, and I loved it. My only problem is that it requires set up, and so it's not *right there* enticing me to use it every day. I have to set it up and I'm often too lazy to. But you've made me think it might be nice to get it out again. :)

Tara Maya
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