Sunday, April 03, 2011


We're still in the midst of preparations for the upcoming miniature show, cranking out product for Pookatales Press and getting display racks ready, etc.

The Pookatales Press banner arrived today from Vistaprint, and it looks great. Slieb Greeley, the artist who originally designed it for me, reinvented it in slightly different colors; it's now primarily black instead of electric blue, but the Pooka's mane and tail still have that blue-red color-changing flamelike quality. It shows up beautifully on white, and the size is perfect to hang off a display table. It's quite the professional look. Between the banner and updated business cards, about the only thing I don't have is a Pookatales logo T-shirt. Holding off on that, however, as I'd hate to spend more money on prep for the show than I'm going to bring home from it in sales.

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