Sunday, May 06, 2012

Moving Forward

On the fiction writing front, I've got a new short story underway and a couple of already-written ones submitted to online magazines.

One theme in the new work is the notion of sacrifice.  Just what might you give up in order to be with the people you love most?  A job, perhaps?  A calling?  Money, status, fame?  Those things would be more of a sacrifice to some, less to others.  It's all in what you truly hold dear, right at the very core of your being.

What if your sacrifice was something that some people think of as the Holy Grail?  We're speaking, of course, of immortality.  If you were an immortal, would you give that up to share one brief lifetime with someone who was not?  Then again, that might depend upon your personal definition of immortality.  Perhaps it is really love, after all, that defines immortality in the first place.

Thoughts to ponder.

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