Friday, May 28, 2010

Mixed Book Salad

You should have seen the salad we had for dinner tonight. It had fresh giant spinach, Oak Leaf lettuce and Four Seasons lettuce, lambs' quarters (that's a plant, not mutton), chive flowers, olives, garbonzo beans, feta cheese, and sliced pickled artichoke hearts. All the greens came out of my garden, from plants that volunteer-seeded themselves and just came up for the joy of it. I've still to actually plant the things I intend to plant for this year, though that will be done in the next few days, in between rainstorms. (Boise/Meridian this spring is looking more like Portland, with rain every few days. It's set a record already for the most rain in one day in our semi-arid desert area. I'm unabashedly loving it, for many reasons.)

I'm also sitting here looking at a huge pile of books on my desk, all of which have bookmarks in them. So it's like a big mixed book salad, and I'm trying to get through all of them as able. Titles: Yearning for the Wind; Writing Spirit; The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide; The Faery Faith; Dreamdark: Blackbringer; Psychic Dreamwalking; A Celtic Odyssey; Channeling; and Ghost. And those are just the ones on my desk at the moment. There are more with bookmarks in them that are not on my desk.

And no, I do not have any trouble keeping track of where I am in any of them. I've always been able to read many books at once with no confusion whatsoever. An odd gift, but a useful one.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

And especially useful for writers!


That salad sounds absolutely delicious! I think that it is a wonderful gift to be able to read more than one book at a time- I am having trouble just staying concentrated on one :)
I can't wait till more of your publications come out as I can't wait to finally read them- what you have told me about them makes me even more excited to actually read them myself. Take Care- Miss You and oh yes, thank you for the cookies- they have been yummy!

KHurley said...

Trish and Rob, yes, it's really useful for writers! Thanks for reading, for your comment, and for the beautiful earth meditation on your blog!

Sara, thanks for your comment, and I'm so glad you are enjoying the cookies. I meant to get them to you long ago; sorry for the delay! We should get together one of these days...maybe when the strawberries are ready at the Berry Ranch. I'm ready for a strawberry smoothie to go with my salad.