Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I've finally acquired a copy of FrontPage, so I can finally edit the Pookatales website.  I have now gone through and made quite a few changes, including updates to item description pages and the news page.  I've made an announcement there that I might as well also make here.

Pookatales Press has been in business for ten years.  That seems amazing to me, as if the time flew by almost without notice.  But as it has in fact been a decade, I think Pookatales deserves the ten-year anniversary gift of a brand-new book release, our first in a very long time.

This August, my first traditionally published short story, "The Truth One Sees," will have been out in print for a year, at which point the rights to publish it elsewhere revert back to me.  So rather than search for a venue that may want it as a reprint, I've decided to claim it for Pookatales Press and release it as one of our miniature book titles.  I'm hoping to present it as a hardcover, but we'll see how it goes.  I'll have all summer to work on formatting it and getting it ready to be a mini book.  My intent is also to package it as an e-story that will be available for download from Pookatales Press for e-book readers like Kindle and Nook.

It's a great story, it's gotten some very nice reviews...this seems like the right thing to do with it.  And of course, it will continue to be available as part of the "Warrior Wisewoman 3" science fiction anthology--a collection of such thoughtful and well-written stories that it's easily worth buying a copy or three.

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